AIS Fundraiser Under Way

AIS fundraiser under way
Posted on 08/30/2018
AIS Fundraiser
Our AIS fundraiser has officially begun!
All AIS students received their fundraising packets today at school. Check with your student to see what exciting things you can purchase this year. This fundraiser will help pay for the field trips that our students get to experience this school year.
Your student also has the opportunity to earn these cool prizes:
7 items sold = Mega Party on campus
15 items sold = Lunch at Altitudes + Lazer Tag
30 items sold = Wheel of Fortune
45 items sold = Money Booth
If you are interested in selling items online, the following website will allow you to create a Student ID using the School Program ID. This Student ID can be shared with others and they can purchase things online that will be delivered directly to their house!
School Program ID # 180500100
All of this information and more is in the student packet. This fundraiser will end Wednesday, September 12th. Please make sure all information in the packet is completed and returned on this day.
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